World of coffee 2016, Dublin, Ireland

World of coffee 2016, Dublino, Irlanda

The innovative LEO tamper shown at the World of Coffee New Product of the Show Awards 2016, WOC SCAE Dublin
DVG De Vecchi Giuseppe Srl at the World of Coffee New Product of the Show Awards will present LEO, the coffee tamper that cleans and press. 

Leo is the new entry to the DVG tampers range.
Our tampers and accessories are all Made in Italy, looking forward to the quality without forgetting aesthetics and functionality.
Properly tamp the coffee contributes to the completion of a good result in the cup and we all know what a proper pressure can be instrumental in achieving this goal.
The quality of the final product goes through precise procedures that does not disregard an ever greater attention to hygiene and cleanliness.

Leo was born from the union between the need to tamp the powder properly and the need to keep clean the edge of the portafilter, action that is often carried out by the operator with the hand or with a cloth. 
The constant cleaning of the portafilter edge allow to avoid coffee powder deposits that in the long time affects the coupling of the portafilter with the portafilter gasket. 
Leo is an idea of Leonardo Gessi, expert and professionist in coffee world, and then technically developed and manufactured by DVG.

Cleanliness and efficiency at the same time (there are no dead time, the gesture was only "press and clean") is the real plus of the product. The crown of natural bristles well clinging to the edge of the filter and a soft action of rotation keeps it clean.
On a common workbench cannot miss a corner and ordered LEO definitely contributes to this goal.

Maintenance: the crown of natural bristles should be "dusted" with the classic brush for grinder blades. The product (like all tampers) should not be put in the dishwasher. Cleaning LEO is quickly so more frequently it is.
Leo is sold in elegant black case with shock-absorbent packaging, available in all diameters.
June 22 at midday will be able to attend the presentation of LEO that will be exhibited at the S7-S9 Stand - New Product of the Show Awards Area.
For the entire duration of the Show, June 23 to 25, you will find LEO shown and in evidence at the H6 stand DVG De Vecchi Giuseppe Srl